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Half portion oak-smoked and ready-cooked straight-from-the-farm spatchcocked premium chicken

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Description: Premium chicken procured directly from the farmer. We spatchcock it, marinate it in a specially formulated brine and then smoke and cook it over smouldering oak wood chips. Moist and succulent with delicate flavours, our premium chicken adds an extra dimension to salads and sandwich fillers, or you can just eat it on its own

Ingredients:  Chicken, salt, sugar, garlic, onion and lemon. No additives or preservatives.

Allergies:  None

Directions for use: Keep in refrigerated. Suitable for freezing.  Freeze before use-by date for up to 6 weeks. Allow to thaw in fridge or at room temperature.  Do not use microwave or apply heat to thaw. Once thawed, store in fridge and use within 10 days.  Do not re-freeze.