Costament Foods Limited, 25 Beachs Drive, Chelmsford, CM1 2NL;

Costament Foods is a small family-run business with its smokery located in Essex.  We source our poultry and meats from local Essex farms.  Our salmon and mackerel come from UK waters, and our tropical fish are from regulated FAO waters.

At Costament Foods, we are taking a new direction in UK food smoking.  We do the traditional salmon and mackerel, but we do not stop there.  We also do moist and tasty chicken and pork, and our extended range includes smoke-dried snapper, tilapia and barracuda. 

Smoke-drying is a common practice in tropical regions and differs from traditional hot-smoking by taking even more water out of the product.  So, whereas hot-smoked salmon will show a 20-25% drop from fresh weight, a smoke-dried snapper will lose up to 55%.  The resulting firm flesh is easier to preserve.  The meat is firmer and is therefore ideal for use in soups, sauces and stews because it will not disintegrate. 

If you want to experiment with replacing beef, lamb and chicken in your curry and other dishes, we are here to offer you delicious alternatives.  Once you've tried a smoked snapper Jalfrezi, there will be no going back!